The City of Lexington

We are lucky to call the beautiful city of Lexington, Kentucky our home. As the reigning “Horse Capital of the World,” Lexington has more than 400 horse farms and was the first city in the United States to host the World Equestrian Games. Home to the University of Kentucky, Big Blue Nation is in full effect here and fiercely loyal of the Wildcats. Lexington is also home to Transylvania University, a liberal arts college in the heart of downtown. Transylvania was the first university in Kentucky and among the oldest in the United States. Our city has been nationally recognized as a top community for retirement (Forbes & CNN Money), homebuyers (Movo Real Estate), jobs (Forbes), and college towns ( Although our office is located here in Lexington, we are proud to serve employers all over the commonwealth state and southern Ohio and Indiana.

Plan Limits

2022 2023 Retirement Plans
$305,000 $330,000 Maximum Plan Compensation
$147,000 $160,200 Social Security Taxable Wage Base
$135,000 $150,000 Highly Compensated Employee
$61,000 $66,000 Maximum Defined Contribution
$20,500 $22,500 Maximum 401(k), 403(b) Deferrals
$14,000 $15,500 SIMPLE Deferral Limit
$6,500 $7,500 401(k), 403(b) Catch-up Deferrals
$3,000 $3,500 SIMPLE Catch-up Contribution
20222023Health Savings Account (HSA)
$3,650$3,850Single Coverage
$7,300$7,750Family Coverage
$1,000$1,000Catch-up Contribution (55 & Over)
20222023Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
$2,850$3,050Maximum Contribution
$2,500$2,500DCAP – Individual
$5,000$5,000DCAP – Couple
$14,890$15,450Adoption Assistance Limits